how to export cloth as mdd from blender

The first step is to create a cloth simulation in Blender. Start by modeling a simple plane or any other object that you want to use as cloth. Once you have your object ready, go to the “Physics” tab in the properties panel. Add a cloth simulation to your object by clicking on the “Cloth” button.

Adjust the cloth settings according to your needs. You can set the cloth type as “Silk,” “Cotton,” or any other material that you want to simulate. Also, tweak other parameters such as quality, pressure, and friction to achieve the desired cloth behavior.

Next, animate your cloth simulation. Go to the “Timeline” panel and set the start and end frames for your animation. Once you have set the desired frames, go back to the 3D viewport and animate your cloth by manipulating its position, rotation, or other properties. Make sure to preview your animation to ensure the cloth behaves as expected.

After you are satisfied with the cloth simulation, it’s time to export it as an MDD file. Go to the “Object” menu in the 3D viewport and select “Animation” from the drop-down menu. Next, click on “Bake Action” in the “Animation” panel. This will bake the cloth simulation into keyframes.

Now, go to the “File” menu and select “Export.” Choose “MDD” as the file format from the export options. Specify the path and name for your exported MDD file. Click on the “Export MDD” button to save the file to your computer.

Once the MDD file is exported, you can import it into other animation software to use it in your projects. For example, in Maya, you can import the MDD file using the “MDD Cache” option in the “Import” menu. This will allow you to apply the cloth simulation to any object in your Maya scene.

In conclusion, exporting cloth simulations as MDD files from Blender is a straightforward process that involves creating a cloth simulation, animating it, and then exporting it as an MDD file. This allows you to use your cloth simulations in other animation software, expanding the possibilities for your projects. Happy exporting!


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