how to export clothes from opensim

1. Create Your Clothing Design: Before exporting clothes, you need to design them in your preferred virtual world creation software. OpenSimulator supports various compatible design tools, such as Blender or the built-in CreateCloth utility offered by the platform.

2. Prepare for Export: Once you have finalized your clothing design, it’s time to export it from OpenSimulator. Take the following steps to prepare your creation for export:

– Ensure that your clothing design is correctly rigged and adjusted to fit standard avatars or any custom avatars you intend to export it for.

– Make sure your clothing design adheres to OpenSimulator’s guidelines and doesn’t include copyrighted or prohibited content.

– Double-check that all textures and materials are applied correctly to the clothing design.

3. Export Your Clothes: OpenSimulator provides various export options, including the popular Collada format (.dae). Follow these steps to export your clothes:

– Locate the “Export” or “Save As” option in your virtual world creation software.

– Select the Collada (.dae) file format as the export format.

– Choose an appropriate location on your computer to save the exported file.

– Give the exported file a descriptive name to easily identify it when importing later.

4. Share Your Exported Clothes: After exporting your clothes, you can share them with others by utilizing various methods:

– Upload the exported clothes to online virtual marketplaces, such as the OpenSim-related Kitely Market or other grids’ in-world stores.

– Share the exported file directly with other creators or friends who use OpenSimulator. You can transfer the file via email or file-sharing platforms.

– Offer the exported clothes as free downloads on your blog or website, allowing anyone interested to access and use them.

By following these steps, you can easily export your clothes from OpenSimulator and make them available to a wider audience. Remember to always respect intellectual property rights and adhere to content guidelines while exporting and sharing your creations. Now, let your imagination run wild, create stunning clothes, and take fashion within virtual worlds to new heights!


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