how to export milkshape clothing to tsr files

The first step in exporting Milkshape clothing to TSR files is to ensure that your clothing item is fully created and ready for export. This includes texturing, rigging, and weighting the clothing to fit the Sims’ body shape properly.

Once your clothing item is ready, open Milkshape and load your clothing project file. Make sure that you have both your clothing mesh and the Sims’ body mesh visible in the workspace. This will allow you to properly align and fit your clothing item to the body shape.

Next, select the clothing mesh and go to the “Groups” tab in Milkshape’s left-hand sidebar. Here, you will find a list of all the groups and bones associated with your clothing item. Make sure that the clothing mesh is assigned to the correct groups and bones for proper implementation in the game.

After assigning the appropriate groups and bones, go to the “Plugins” menu in Milkshape and select the “TSR Workshop Export” option. This will open a new window specific to exporting TSR files.

In the TSR Workshop Export window, you will find several options for exporting your clothing item. Make sure to select the appropriate options for your project, including the version of the game and any additional features you want to include, such as morphs or custom textures.

Once you have selected the desired options, click on the “Export” button. Milkshape will then generate the TSR file for your clothing item and save it to your chosen destination folder.

Now that you have exported your Milkshape clothing to TSR files, you can open the TSR Workshop program to further customize and finalize your clothing item. TSR Workshop provides various tools and features for creating custom content for The Sims games.

In TSR Workshop, you can import your TSR file by selecting the appropriate options in the program’s menu. This will load your clothing item into the program, allowing you to make any necessary adjustments, such as texture modifications or adding additional details.

Once you are satisfied with your custom clothing item, you can save it within TSR Workshop and it will be ready for use in The Sims game of your choice.

Exporting Milkshape clothing to TSR files may seem daunting at first, but with these steps, you can easily create and customize your own clothing items for The Sims games. Enjoy the freedom and creativity that comes with designing and sharing your unique creations with other players!


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