iclone 7 export cloth animation

Before exporting the cloth animation, it is important to ensure that the physics simulation is properly set up. iClone 7 provides a physics panel where users can adjust the parameters such as gravity, air resistance, and collision properties. By fine-tuning these settings, animators can achieve more accurate cloth movements.

Once the physics simulation is set up, users can proceed to create the desired cloth animation. This can be done by applying cloth presets or customizing the cloth properties through the cloth editor. iClone 7 offers a wide range of cloth presets that cater to different types of fabrics, such as cotton, silk, and leather. Additionally, users can manually adjust the cloth properties like stiffness, softness, and thickness to achieve the desired look and feel.

After creating the cloth animation, users can export it by going to the “Export” tab in iClone 7. Here, they can choose the desired format for the exported animation, such as FBX or Alembic. It is important to note that the cloth animation can be exported along with the character’s skeleton and other animation data, allowing for seamless integration with other software or game engines.

Furthermore, iClone 7 provides options to enhance the final cloth animation during the export process. Users can choose to enable sub-frame calculation, which improves the accuracy of cloth movements by calculating intermediate frames between keyframes. They can also adjust the cloth mesh resolution to control the level of detail in the exported animation.

Once the export settings are finalized, users can click on the “Export” button to generate the cloth animation file. The exported file can then be imported into other software or game engines for further refinement or integration into a larger project. With iClone 7’s flexible export options, animators have the freedom to collaborate with other artists or work on multiple platforms seamlessly.

In conclusion, iClone 7 is a versatile software that allows for the creation and export of compelling cloth animations. By properly setting up the physics simulation, adjusting cloth properties, and utilizing the various export options, users can achieve highly realistic and visually stunning cloth movements. Whether for film, game development, or animation projects, iClone 7 empowers animators with the tools they need to bring their characters to life.


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